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 So, who is this Diane Kuck who designs patterns under the Details By Diane logo?  I’m Diane, the creative mind behind the designing of stained glass patterns that are so easy to make that you can zone while watching Dr. Phil and make my patterns.Why are they so easy to make?  Throw out(or at least sell) that expensive, hard to use bias leading tape that is used to usually make stained glass quilts.  My stained glass quilts are made by fusing colorful fabric pieces onto a black fabric background.  How easy is that?  Plus they have a ‘soft stained glass’ look.

   I began Details By Diane in a spare room at our home in Brainerd MN in late 2000 and I am totally addicted to designing more and more of these quilts! (Therefore I claim no responsibility for your addiction to making quilts from my patterns…ha ha)  We have since moved from Brainerd and now live in that foreign land called Iowa.  I know, it is just south of Minnesota but when I was a kid I lived near the Iowa border in a little town called Clarks Grove, just north of Albert Lea.  We had lots of Iowa jokes and Iowa has lots of Minnesota jokes.  So the move to Iowa was traumatic for us….ha ha.  My dad says he is going to cover our license plates when we come to visit them in Clarks Grove because he doesn’t want the neighbors to know an Iowan is at his house.  Ha ha  It is a long story but we felt called to move here to Northeast Iowa by God and believe me…we have never been happier.  The area we live in is full of artisans, and we have lots of farmers around us.  I have been trying hard to learn farming language so I can converse with them but so far I can just say, “How are your cows?  What colors are they?”  Let’s just say I have a lot to learn. :)  I know that there are rumors out there that Iowa is very flat but it is mostly gentle rolling hills except where we live.  The glaciers didn’t flatten our area so it has lots of rock formations.  As a matter of fact we live on top of an 11 acre rock.  In some places the soil (don’t say ‘dirt’, that is what we sweep out of our houses) is about 2 feet deep to about 9 feet deep.  Luckily we didn’t want a basement under our house anyway.

  We lived in my husband, Lowell’s, woodworking shop for 1-1/2 years.  I did pretty well, being a Martha Stewart type of gal, but began to get very tired of my kitchen and bathroom being the same.  Have you ever had to yell, ‘are you about done in the bathroom so I can drain the pasta?’ See, I knew eventually I would have your sympathy. :P  But now we are in our new home and it is just beautiful.  A very fun place for me to use my decorating talents…and oh, I so love to decorate!! 

  Our two sons are grown.  David works for IBM in Rochester MN and is married to a wonderful gal, Jessica.   Our youngest son, Michael, continues to live in Brainerd and is the Miracle Ear rep.  We miss him but he knows a ton of people there since he has lived almost his entire life there…we were there almost 20 years. He is also married to a delightful gal, Lorelei.  They have a big dog named Boomer (they say he is their practice baby).  I am in my new studio now and am really productive.  It sure beats being in a corner of the woodworking shop.  I love to work with bright colored fabrics, mostly batiks.  I am a first born with a type A personality so I like everything tidy.  I also love to decorate in my home, organize closets and such, read, and work on the business…. except I detest the paperwork.  When I am on deadline to get a pattern out I may even give up combing my hair and going to the bathroom to gain more time  (Lowell says when that happens,  it is not pretty around here…ha ha).

  Well, I’d better get busy on designing some new patterns for you.  Later, bye!  Diane


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